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Latte Art


I've been practicing my latte art for almost a year now. The more I practice and taste different espresso grinds and infusions, the more I fall in love with the process.  This one is from The Red Door roastery in Pennsylvania. 


So excited about this coffee.  The flavors were so strong. you can smell the fruitiness.  Raspberry Shortbread infusion from A Taste of Coffee in Nevada.  I prepared it using the pour over method, which I had just learned how to make.  That totally made my day. 

Raspberries in My Coffee

The Mug Makes a Difference


I have an obsession with mugs. I think it makes the coffee experience better.  On this latte, I am enjoying Cinnamon Spice infusion from A Taste of Coffee in Nevada.  The grind was perfect and it produced a very rich crema with a strong spice aroma.  Good black or with oat milk.

mocha pot.png

The Mocha Pot Method

In the Caribbean the mocha pot is the preferred method to make coffee.  It makes a pretty strong coffee because it uses steaming hot water and pushes it through a system that creates an espresso level coffee.  While in the Dominican Republic I used their coffee, Santo Domingo, and using the Mocha method I got a sweet but strong flavored coffee that wired me for the entire day. 

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