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Under The Tuscan Sun- January Book Club Entry

I've watched the movie a million times. It is one of my favorites since I am personally familiar with the painful survival of a broken heart after a divorce. In the movie we speed through that part and jump into her trip to Italy where Frances first sees the house that would soon be her home in a town in Tuscany, Italy. Of course, buying a house in Italy after a divorce is crazy talk, but wouldn't you if you could?

But we all know book adaptations movies never live up to the details held within the original book, so I picked this book to hear the actual process from buying the house to the transformation of the house and our heroin. Because, of course, she changes and grows through the process as much, if not more than the product of her affection.

So far I've gone from excitement, to disappointment because I don't really care for the audiobook reader's voice or tone, back to pleasure as I learn the house had a second secret name that was not even mentioned during the movie. That alone makes me happy to have picked this book to start the book club that will hopefully bloom into a virtual community even after the book store moves from to an online exclusive store, to a brick-and-mortar property filled with aromas of old books and fresh lattes.

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