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Top 5 Items For A Dreamy Reading Spot

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

If you're reader you already have a favorite spot to read. Whether it is a corner in your home, or your favorite table in your near by coffee shop, you must have a space you call your own. If you're not sure, you can call your spot dreamy and want some ideas, keep reading. I would say start with a bookshelf to store all your favorite books, but I have a feeling you already have that since you're reading this post. So I will move on to the fun stuff:

1. A table would do the same as a bookshelf, but it can also hold other equally important bookish things such as frames, pencils, highlighters, or bookmarks.

2. A lamp on that same table to light up your space is ideal. I like white lighting to make the pages clearer. Having to strain my eyes to read takes away part of the fun, don't you think? - you should also add a candle of your favorite aroma.

3. A comfortable chair is at the top of my list, but pillows can also do the trick. I've seen some reading corners filled with comfy and fluffy large pillows. I got this "Coffee, Books, & Rain" pillow to call out the perfect mood.

4. Blankets always apply. No matter the weather, a blanket makes the space cozy.

5. Don't forget to add your favorite drink, it will make the book even better. Coffee, tea, or even wine is a relaxing complementary choice. But don't stop there, maybe a book inspired cocktail can do the trick too. This is the one factor you can change at any moment.

So many possibilities. What other items do you wish to have in your bookish space?

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